Sunday, April 8, 2007

That's Me - Prize Winning!

Well this is something that most of us don't do all that often and something that I force myself to do. Stand in front of the camera sometimes. I brought this lo as a kit late last year from a lss as I couldn't get to the class and thought it looked like fun. I think it turned out ok. And not a terribly bad pix of me. The photo was taken winter last year and my g/f's Debbie, Lennie and myself went to the scrapbooking shop just down the road from where I live to a midnight scrap. We have only been there once as the shop doesn't have alot to offer. Well Jenny (the owner) had a lucky door prize and I was lucky enough to win the prize. And as most of you would know the prize is usually something little - well we were blown away. I got a MM Foam Alpha Stamp set!! What a surprise. Needless to say I was more than a little chuffed! TTFN Love ya Shirl

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Carolyn said...

Who looks like the cat who got the cream hehe. Always nice to be a winner hey Shirl. Awesome LO.