Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dinosaur Park

This one of Jordie was taken at the Dinosaur Park another very interesing place near Denmark/Walpole. They have a small museum with dinosaur skeletons and some living relations (lizards and snakes etc) and then outside a lovely big backyard with loads of native birds. Quite a few were tame and wandering around wanting to be picked up and patted. Another highly recommended esp for the kids!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ancient Empire

Here are the boys sitting on one of the fallen giant tingle trees. Stay tuned for the later lo's when I get them done of the kids sitting/standing in the base of this tree! Talk about awesome sight!

Treetop Walk

These ones are from near Denmark and the Valley of the Giants. The treetop walk was scary (only for me and Nicayla I don't like suspension bridges and Nicayla doesn't like metal grates - not a good combination) but I am so glad we all did it. I can highly recommend it for anyone coming over this way for a visit..... Plenty of room at our house so what are you waiting for??

January's Fun

Here a few of my most recent layouts from our whirlwind trip around the south coast of Western Australia. The photo's were all taken in early January whilst Ken's only sister, Judy was over on a holiday. The first one is of Nicayla and Aunty Judy taken at sunset on the beach at Bunbury.