Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beary Box

Hi Everyone

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post - life has been kinda hectic! Well today I AM SO EXCITED!! I found out on Tuesday that I am now officially a Design Team Member for Beary Box! Thanks so much Joey for inviting me to be one of your scrapbooking designers! I can wait to get started on my very first sketch of the week! So check back early next week girls and gals for my very first DT lo for Beary Box. In the meantime be sure to click on the new links that I have added to my blog and head over to the website and blog to check out BEARY BOX! Hey do you guys like my new blinkie? Isn't it just the cutest!

Ok gotta say tata for now as I have to take two of my terrible three over for a dental check up in Biloela! Have a great day and an even better week. Chat soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Siblings - DT LO Scrappies

This is my second DT layout for the month of October for Scrappies. This month the theme was Family History. This is my DH's family. Six older brothers and one older sister... now that said can you guess which little honey is my DH now?? Thanks for looking everyone.. If you have the time be sure to check out the Scrappies website at TFL

Rodeo Time

Here are a few photo's from the first real RODEO that we took the kids to see. A real life country rodeo that is.... It was all very interesting for like the first 20 mins and after that they were all over the skate park with the other kids quicker than you could blink! I tell you too funny! TFL

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off to the Coast

Hi All

Have a dreaded Dr's appointment out on the coast today so not much will be happening here or on the home front. I still have my second DT LO to get done for Julz but so far I seem a little "stopped in my tracks!". I don't have quite the right background papers/CS so I think that is part of the problem - it just isn't all coming together how I am seeing it in my mind. I was hoping to get into one of the LSS at Rocky today but just didn't have enough time! Oh baa hum bug! Oh well I have to go again twice next week and maybe twice the week after so maybe I will get in them instead. I had taken nearly 150 photo's with me on my USB too but didn't get a chance to get them printed either.... Stay tuned and I will see what happens later tonight or maybe tomorrow..... Cheers Shirl

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Family History" DT LO

Hi everyone, Here is the lo that I have finally completed for Scrappies DT challenge for October. The theme was family history and as I don't really do heritage style lo's this was a bit a bit of a first for me! I think it turned out alright. What do you all think.... what could be improved or done differently? I was out of my comfort zone but enjoyed putting it all together. TFL

Design Team Time

Well my supplies from Scrappies are finally here (just in time too as I think I was starting to scare the postie!) and I have to work out what will be my first DT LO for the month of October for Scrappies. Our theme for this month is Family History so I am off to put my thinking cap on and see what becomes of the day and the LO. Check back in tomorrow to see the finished LO I hope! Have an amazing Sunday everyone and to all the loyal Bathurst followers out there I hope you enjoy your big day in (or out for a lucky few)!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Posing Pretty

Nicayla again posing in the split tree trunk of a huge gum along side the river than runs through Denmark in southern Western Australia. Talk about future model in the making ... NO?? Now credit in part for this lo must go to Crestina Drew an amazing inspiration who is a DT member for a lss near me in Rockhampton, Qld called Scrappy Days. Crestina did a lo for them which was available as a kit. I didn't quite like the whole lo aspect but felt inspired by it and ordered all the embellies and this was my finished product. Quite different from Tina's as she herself would tell you but you can see the similarities and where the inspiration came from that is for sure. You rock Tina keep on inspiring us all pretty please!

Tingle Trees

This is Nicayla standing inside one of the enormous Tingle Trees in the Ancient Empire at the Valley of the Giants near Walpole in southern Western Australia. Truly amazing place if you ever get the chance to visit.

Down By The River

This is DH Ken with Jordie striking a pose between the split tree trunk of a huge gum along side a river running through the town of Denmark in southern Western Australia. Taken on our trip in January of this year... Thanks for looking girls.

Design Team LO - Scrappies

This was my first DT lo for Scrappies.. Theme for the month was "New Beginnings". This is of course my DH in some of his official work photo's for the Belvedere Coal Project.

Christmas Cards

More pink cards inspired by the great Esther - Think Pink Craft Group @ Facebook.

Think Pink

Credit for the inspiration of these simple Christmas cards must go to the talented Miss Esther. Esther has a Facebook group "The Pink Craft Goup" and after she posted us all a challenge thinking pink for our Christmas cards this year I came up with these cards. Thanks Ester you are an inspiration to us all!

Super Quick Christmas Cards

Here are some really easy peasy Christmas Card Designs that will see you making 5-10 maybe even more cards per night!

Devine Miss Deb

This is our beautiful friend Debbie with Nicayla at Deb's early Christmas Party, 2007. Thanks for looking girls.....

Christmas Party

This is me with two of my scrapping besties who live in Perth. The lovely Miss Lennie who herself is a very talented scrapper and DT member for a Perth store and the Devine Miss Deb you was lucky enough to own her own scrapstore. Miss you guys more and more each day!

School Photo's Nicayla 2007

I was browsing the net one night for ideas when I stumbled across a layout on Scrapjazz which this really neat flower/ribbon combo. So credit for the floral/ribbon combo at the bottom of my lo goes to the scrapper on Scrapjazz. This is Nicayla posing for her Year 1 photo at her old school in Western Australia.

Christmas Past

Here are a few layouts that I scrapped last month from our past few Christmas'. They will all go into seperate albums so this is why I haven't worried about the style being the same with them all. Usually each layout I do is different from the last even if only slightly. Don't ask me why but it has just always been that way with me! Thanks for taking the time to look everyone.

Scrappies 'New Beginnings" DT project

This one is a double layout that I did for Scrappies. Our theme for August this year was new beginnings. Here is our middle DS Jordan with his new sister DD Nicayla. In the photo's Nici is only 4 hours old! Isn't he the cutest little boy! Still is now come to think of it!! Ha Ha Ha. He has a heart of gold and a smile that makes you melt and loves to cuddle and shop what more could a girl ask for! I keep telling him he will be in demand with the girls when he gets older! He just laughs... too cute for now!

Scrappies "All About Me" DT Layout #2

Hi Everyone,

This is the second DT layout for September. I was trying for something a little different for mwah and wanted to use some fun photographs. This is Douglas and me having fun on his new BMX bike that he got for his birthday in July this year. Never too old?

Design Team Layout - "All About Me"

This is the first of my layouts for Scrappies for the month of September. The theme being 'All About Me'. What do you think girls? I used to be thin once....