Friday, November 7, 2008

It's The Weekend!

Hi Everyone

Well thank goodness it is Friday. It has been one helleva week here for all the Tait's but thankfully it is over now and we were able to finish it off down by the river having a farewell bbq for a friend who is moving on with a lovely bunch of locals! The kids all enjoyed a swim until it was almost too dark to be in the water and then we sat on the riverbank til nearly 10pm enjoying good company of friends, over indulging in food cooked for us by a professional chief and drinkies a plenty! Tomorrow we head over to Biloela for the morning and maybe down to the river again for another swim in the afternoon. It is certainly hot enough! Then on Sunday a treat for me hopefully! There is a scrapbooking store based in Kingaroy coming to town for the day and doing a couple of workshops. So I am looking forward to going along as much for the social aspect of it!! Jordan has his final full rehearsal for the school play so it will be a busy weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend. Take care and stay safe.

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