Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sketch 3 Challenge

Well even though I do not like this lo and am not happy with it at all I will continue to share with everyone.... I totally lost my mojo and was pressed for time but this happens to us all. Some people have told me it is lovely (I am sure they are just being polite) and others have said it is not my usual standard of work so I will let you all decide for yourselves. I am looking forward to a new challenge this week as my mojo is back with a vengenance. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop yesterday at a lss in Bilo. Unfortunately the lo we did is going to be published at some stage in the future so I have been asked not to post it anywhere on the net so to be polite and show respect I won't but I just gotta say why the hell did they do it as a workshop in the first place then.... oh no point in standing too long on my soapbox! Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog girls. Can't wait to see the cards from Beary Box's DT team due out tomorrow! Tata for now...

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