Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Blog Design

Hi Everyone

Well what a day... I lost my entire blog!!! Some of it was salvagable thank goodness but worst of all was that I lost all the links to my favourite haunts. So I have to start all over again. Some of course I know off by heart but there were many that are now lost until I rediscover them again! If anyone has any recommendations or if you were on my list and aren't now please give me a big shout!! Since I had to start over again I thought now is the time to give the blog a total face lift. What do you all think? I just love it but OMG it has flowers so how could I not. I looked at what felt like a million images but kept being drawn back to this one. Ok gotta go the housework seems to have learnt how to call out me name! LOLS. I hope you have all had a great weekend. Stay tuned for some more lo's this week.

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