Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick, Simple But Effective Bday Card

Morning Everyone and how are you all today. Weather here again is absolutely lovely and almost hard to believe it is summer time at all... Thank goodness though as Mon-Wed were so miserably hot and yukky I didn't leave the house unless I absolutely had too! Just wanted to share with you all a very quick and easy peasy card I made a couple of weeks ago. In fact I gave it to DH for his birthday. As most of you will know I was so snowed under the week leading up this his bday party that I almost forgot the card! So I raced out to the studio and whipped this one up in less than 10 mins! I really like the simplicity of it... thanks for looking and I SOOOO hope you all have a glorious weekend whatever you are up to! mwah XX


Danielle said...

I like it Shirl!!! Just goes to show you can make effective cards in only 10 minutes. I bet your DH loved it too!
Hugs, Danielle

Shirl said...

You are so kind leaving me sweet comments like this... many thanks Danielle your posts always bring a smile to my face! xo S