Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beary Box Card

And this is my latest Beary Box card which the lovely Joey has just posted on Beary Box Blogspot today. I was as always so surprised by the creations of my fellow card making DT members.... wow girls I loved each and every one of your designs... all so different and creative.

Sketch 24

Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog as much this past week. Ken, Douglas and I have been down in Brisbane house hunting..... OMG what a headache...... Well finally today we have managed to find a house. A beautiful big four bedroom house with two huge living areas as well as formal dining, big yard, lots of trees and a big shed for Ken too. There is even a pool but it has a crack in the base so can't be used right now... which is good otherwise all we would be doing for the next six months is maintaining it and not being able to swim in it as it is winter time now!! LOLS..... But without waiting a moment longer let me share with you my latest Beary Box Sketch Challenge which Joey posted on Monday of this week. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to check out Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening. xo S

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beary Box Card

Well Ladies

Another week has flown by and it is time to share this week's Beary Box card..... Thanks go out to the devine Miss Caz again as this one of the lovely stamped images she sent me in a recent RAK. Thanks sis....

It has been great week of turmoil in our house and lives. I will fill you all in a bit later on. I apologise in advance if I am not able to update my blog as often as I normally would but please bear with me. Life will get back to some form of normality soon.

To all my fellow Aussies out there have a great weekend and I hope that you are all going out to join in an ANZAC Service somewhere to show our support for our fallen soldiers and those who remain forever effected from the ravages of war not to mention our brave soldiers that are currently serving our country both here and abroad. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU - Lest We Forget. Hugs xo S

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sketch 23

Hi Everyone so hard to believe we are up to sketch number 23 already... WOO HOO. I so love how we all intrepreted the sketch this week. All so similiar yet so different. Amazing work girls. Please be sure you head over to to check out my fellow DT members great lo's. I have spent the last day of the kids school hols at home... we have all been cleaning up and getting ready to start Term 2 tomorrow. I have mud cake muffins in the oven baking for their lunch boxes in the morning and all their desks are ready for homework tomorrow night. LOLS. Hope everyone is having a great day and enjoy the remainder of the week. love you all and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving all those lovely comments on my postings too. You guys are the best!! xo Mwah xo xo

Friday, April 17, 2009


This is my themed lo for Scrappies for the month of May. Our theme this month is what being a Mum means to you. This is the first photo of us - family complete. Nicayla was all of 12 hours old here. Douglas was 5 years old and Jordan 2 years old. Makes me realise how few photo's of us all I have from back them. I am really happy with how the lo came together. It was inspired by a Becky Flecks LO from Page Mags but ended up being totally different from the sketch. Thanks for looking everyone and please head over to to check out the other great los. Enjoy your weekend now.... xo S

The IronBar Saloon

This is my second submission for the month of May for Scrappies. This lo will go into our holiday album so there is no title and it is infact quite a simple lo too. I wanted the focus to remain on the photo. Now that said... the photo was taken on a very wet and humid day and the result you can see is from condensation on the inside of the lenses. So don't adjust your computer screens it is not from the flash of photographing the lo... lols. This is the IronBar in Port Douglas. When we left it was only 2 storey so we were really surprised to see it is now 3 storeys. It is somewhat iconic in Port Douglas. The in place to be even now... TFL. xo S

Paper Bag Album

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Card Sketch 22

Wow everyone who can believe it is already Thursday night! Only four more sleeps and the school holidays are over yet again! Not much to report... life has been quiet for a change and I have been slowly catching up with my various DT committments as well as planning some 40th albums that I need to do for my DH and my friend who has a 40th coming up. Tonight I have started my DT submission for Scrappies for May... it is slowly coming together... I have a baseline down and hope in the morning when I start adding the flowers, ribbon and bling it will all come together nicely. But wait no more... here is this weeks card sketch. I was so happy with how it came together. Little bit not me but I love the outcome. I have to say but you just have to check out the cards this week were AWESOME! xo S

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Every Day Hero

And here is the lo that I mentioned before my first DT DLO for Scrappies... it shows my late Uncle Horrie when he joined the Australian Army during WWII. He saw active service overseas and was award the Military Medal for outstanding bravery and courage under fire. To his family he was our every day hero... not that he every saw himself that way. Sadly he took his own life after the war as he could never come to terms with what he had done or saw whilst serving his country. Thanks for looking everyone. xo S

Little Men

This DLO is my second submission for Scrappies for the month of April. I am having problems uploading into the gallery but as soon as I get it all sorted I will post the main DLO DT challenge. It is on my late Uncle Horrie who died after WWII before I was born. He was an every day hero.. which is the title of my lo. But back to this lo. I found it really challenging as I so didn't like the papers. This is unusual for me as most of you will know I am a huge KAISER fan. So it is a very basic lo. I actually feel very ho hum about it all.. I can't say it is one of my best or one of my faves.... but I can say it was a challenge... So go on girls be honest and brutal....?? Thanks for stopping by and hope you are all having a great WED!! PS Silly me this would be Douglas on his first day Grade 1 and Jordie on his first day at long day care - Scallywags. Yes he was more than a little nervous... xo S

Monday, April 13, 2009

Beary Box Sketch 22

Morning All

Well another Easter over and the school hols are in full flight. I woke this morning to another sick child... this time poor Jordie has the tummy bug. Thank goodness with Nicayla is was only a 24 hour bug so I will keep my fingers crossed for Jordie too. Not much planned today after a weekend of decadance a day of hw is in order .... grrrr!! Hope everyone is have a good start to the week and enjoy! Live Love Laugh to all!! And thanks to Joey for another gorgeous sketch - here is my take on it. Please be sure to head over to BB and check out my fellow designers work! xo S

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hi Everyone

Sorry I have been so slack and haven't posted the latest BB Card Sketch before now. It has been such a hectic week for me and the family. Last weekend we were away in Clairview to celebrate Ken's Uncle Ian's 80th birthday and then Monday I had to travel to Rockhampton & back to collect a friend from the airport. We took Adam back on Wednesday and whilst there Ken underwent some more tests as he has been unwell lately. Had to take him back to Rockhampton on Thursday for an ultrasound which has given us some idea of what is happening but still more tests next week to confirm yet. We stayed overnight and came home on Easter Friday. Then Saturday was my 40th birthday. All I wanted was to have a quiet day at home doing very little and only what I wanted... he he he I got so spoiled I tell you. Then today for Easter we headed out to the river with our little boat and towed the kids around all afternoon on their new sea biscuit. We all had a tonne of fun. So HAPPY EASTER everyone. I hope you all have had a fun, but safe easter break. Without further adieu... here is my latest submission

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beary Box Sketch Time Again

Morning Ladies I was away yesterday picking up a friend from the Rocky airport so sorry to be posting so late. Here is my take on the latest B sketch. I chose to do mine this week as a DLO. It is a very simple lo. Hope you enjoy it. Am being rushed off my feet this week so have to keep this short. To one and all have a great week. Thanks for stopping by. MWAH xo xo xo

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Card

This is a card that I did tonight for this weekend. Ken's Uncle Ian is turning 80 and we are going up to his home for a big birthday bash! I was really happy with it until I decided it would be a good idea to doodle the checkered border and add some dots for definition. It is still an ok card but I only wish I had stopped myself before I got to the doodling stage. Thanks for looking girls.....

Card Sketch 20.....

Hi Girls

Well another Thursday has rolled around and the weeks are just flying by now... Just think for us next Thursday is the last day of school and the kids are on hols for just over 2 weeks. I think this week the girls really rocked out the card sketch. Be sure to head over to Beary Box to check out the cool card designs. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend everyone....