Friday, May 29, 2009

Card Sketch 27

OMG what a week it has been... having an abcess on ones tooth I can now say from experience is not pleasant. I am happy to say I am def on the road to recovery after a trip to the dentist but am not looking forward to going back again! I have an appt for a few weeks time so I guess I must I must! In the meantime I was still feeling too icky yesterday to post my Beary Box card for this week. So without further ado here it is.... if you like this you simply must pop over to Beary Box and check out the other cards from my talented fellow designers. I think the absolutely rocked this weeks sketch off the planet! Have a great weekend now everyone! Be back next week with some more lo's! xo S


Danielle said...

I love the simplicity of this card Shirl! Great colours and the embossed detail is fab! Great sketch!
As far as images go, I will get some stamped up for you and include a good range of what I have (if you're ok with that). I don't mind at all what you send me - scanned would be great. Message me on FB with your address so I can send everything out to you.
Hugs, Danielle

Shirl said...

Hi Danielle

Thanks so much for that lovely post on my card. I was a bit unsure of it but not so now! I will get my details to you and then you can do the same for me please. Hugs xo S