Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Cards

My gorgeous sistah Caz sent me a while ago a lovely RAK of House Mouse stamped out images. After making a card for Jordie for his birthday I just couldn't resist making a few more using these gorgeous stamped out images.

We had a very busy day yesterday for Jordie's bday. The kids spent about 3 hours riding the pocket rocket, quad and postie scooter round and round the back paddock. They finally came to a standstill just before 5 pm covered from hear to toe in mud!
Dirty but happy a boys dream come true!

How we are having a lazy Sunday recovering from yesterday!

Hope you enjoy my cards and get some inspiration from them!



Friday, June 26, 2009

Making Cards

Hi Everyone

Managed to get some quiet time last night and came up with this card. I love it so much I am about to make some more tonight! Hope you all like it too! Thanks to my darling sis Caz for the delightful stamped out house mouse image I have used on this card. I am going to give it too my darling Jordie for his birthday tomorrow. My baby boy will be 10 tomorrow. Where do the years go? We are having a bbq lunch with our family tomorrow. Hope the weather improves.... What does everyone else have planned for their weekends? Whatever you plans I hope you all have a brilliant weekend. Hugs xo S

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Final Beary Box Submission

Well girls it is with a heavy heart that I post my last submission for Beary Box. With the arrival of Joey's little bundle of joy getting closer and closer she has decided to stop doing the card and lo sketches in favour of something different. I will so miss working with the lovely DT members from the site and will also miss the card and lo sketches each week.

Joey I wish you nothing but the best for you and your baby not to mention for Beary Box. Thanks so much for having me as a Design Team member for both your card and layout teams! I have really enjoyed every minute of it! I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone on their blogs and on Facebook too!

So everyone here it is my last BB submission :

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sketch 31

Evening Ladies

Well what a weekend. Sunday we went down to the racetrack for Ken's hotlaps only to have them cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather. By the time we got home my sinuses were in full swing and I have been quite a bit off colour for the past 24-48 hours! Meds are starting to kick in and I am starting to feel a bit more human. Had to cancell my dentist for today but... not that, that makes me all unhappy! Kicking back tonight playing around with my craft robo which hasn't seen much use of late and watching some tv. But make sure you grab a coffee and hop on over to the Beary Box blogspot and check out this weeks amazing design team layout! Girls you did a totally wicked job this week! Awesome lo's each and everyone of them! So without making you wait any longer here is my submission. Have a great week! xo S

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scrappies Cyber Crop

Hi Everyone

Just before I head off to bed I thought I would post the lo's that I completed tonight at our 3rd online cyber crop. First there is challenge 1 - sketch :

Then there was Challenge 2 Buttons :

Challenge 4 - Limited Items. For this challenge we could only use pp, cs, ink, stamps and glitz. I completed the challenge uploaded the pic and then rescrapped the original lo to add some bling and rub ons!

And lastly Challenge 5 : Monochromatic

Lastly for those of you worried I can't count... there was a challenge 3 but I didn't get time to complete it. It is a nature based lo... pictures of anything from nature that captures your eyes or heart! It isn't due til Sunday at midnight so I might get it done if we are home early enough tomorrow after Ken's day at the race track. If we get to go at all that is - the rain has started! Grr at the weather.

Ok girls thanks for stopping by until next time I am off to grab a few hours sleep! Night night and sweet dreams my friends xo S

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketch 30

Hello Everyone

Sorry I wasn't able to post my Beary Box card last night. I have been having some problems with internet explorer so DH and I switched laptops so that he could have an investigate on mine and see if he could fix the problem. Well *touch wood* so far not problems today! WOO HOO! so it was worth it!! I have been so busy today. I have spent most of the day in the kitchen baking.... chocolate anzac slice paved the way last night and today so far we have freshly baked sausage rolls, peppermint slice and as I am out tonight scrapbooking at Discover I have made dinner for the clan - yummy spaghetti bolognaise! I just have the last batch of sausage rolls in the oven now and then I am off to do the school run and pack my tote for tonight. So before I love you and leave you best I post this weeks Beary Box card. You just have to pop over to the blog... the other girls so rocked this weeks sketch! I love them all... I am so biased lols I always do! Great working with you girls you are amazing! Have a great weekend all my friends. xo S


Well what a delightful surprise I got tonight when I logged into my blog. The wonderful Angie had given me an award.....

Catch is I have to answer these questions before I can pass it on to some other deserving blogs..... so here it goes.

*8 things I look forward to.

1) Spending time with my wonderful husband
2) Watching my children grow
3) Visiting my family
4) Cold winter days
5) Meeting my scrapping friends Caz and Julz when I visit Tasmania!
6) Travelling
7) Scrapbooking and card making
8) Catching up with my wonderful internet scrapping friends....

*8 things I did yesterday

1) laundry
2) housework
3) scrapbooking
4) cooking
5) watched wrestling with the kids
6) watched a baby koala climb up a tree at the kids school (yes it was so beautiful)
7) helped Nicayla scrap a heart shaped trinket box
8) took a nanna nap!

*8 things I wish I could do

1) spend unlimited amounts of money on scrapbooking lols!
2) travel the world with my family
3) Work overseas
4) Find my determination to lose weight & get fit!
5) Bodybuilding..... surprised anyone?
4) Meet Bon Jovi and see them in concert again
5) Sleep more each night
6) buy another house here in Brissy
7) have no financial worries
8) know those winning numbers** (I am with you Angie!)

*8 things or shows that I have watched lately

1) Formula 1 Grande Prix
2) 24
4) Home & Away
5) Brothers & Sisters
6) You Tube
7) Bon Jovi Concert DVD - Lost Highway
8) Blue Heelers reruns on Foxtel!

Now I am tagging and giving this award to these wonderfully creative people..

Danielle, Caz, Martina, Kris, Wati, E.T., Tanyah, and Cath.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beary Box Day

Hey Everyone

Life is so rush rush at the moment... Had a lovely weekend but. Got to catch up with my nephew Mick that I hadn't seen in nearly 8 years and met his fiance Cassie and my great neice Sophie... OMG she is such a cutie pie! The last two days I have spent running about trying to get new pants for Douglas' school. He is very particular about what he wears as he doesn't like the feel of nylon or fleecy material next to his skin so... grrr life ain't easy. Today I finally managed to find one pair of trackie style pants he likes. Anyhow........ I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Here is my beary box sketch submission for this week. You simply MUST go over to the Beary Box blog and check out my fellow design team members layouts... they are nothing short of stunning! Ok gotta run. Have a fantastic week girls. xo S

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beary Box Card Sketch 29

Happy Friday Ladies... I hope you all have some lovely plans for the upcoming weekend. I am hoping to catch up with my nephew on Sunday and meet his future wife and my great neice for the very first time. I am sooo excited as I haven't seen him in at least well no over 6 years now maybe closer to 8 years! I can't wait - only two more sleeps lols.

I have been busy today with meetings at my eldest DS's school and then putting together my OTP for Scrappies. I am doing a themed kaiser album "Beautiful" - what is beautiful to us! I am happy with how it is coming together so far!

But I must upload this weeks card submission for Beary Box before I forget all about it. You just HAVE to check out BB this week. The designs were amazing and all so different. I couldn't pick a winner if I was asked... I simply loved all of them for varying reasons.

HAPPY FRIDAY night ladies.... Until next week. xo S

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Submission - Scrappies

Hi Everyone

Well what a great day I have had today. I went out this morning to meet up with the lovely Kris for a cuppa and to collect from her a RAK from a mutual friend Tina. I got a lovely mag and some free stamps... wahoo! Then Kris not to be outdone gave me one of her gorgeous CupCake cards. It was soo devine! Then when I got home I found the postie had been and left me another amazing RAK from my friend Tracey. This parcel contained a new mag that I hadn't seen before and some stamps too! I couldn't stop smiling all day. Not even when the kids came home from school lols. I have posted some pics on my FB account if anyone wants a look see. In the mean time quite late last night I managed to complete my first DT submission for the month of June for Scrappies .... I still have an OTP to do so stay tuned for that one a bit later on. It is a very simplistic lo but I love it. Thanks to another great friend Cath for the stunning flowers in this lo. A wonderful surprise for my 40th birthday earlier this year! Thanks for stopping by everyone and I so hope you are all having as good a day as I am! Hugs xo S

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sketch 29

Good Evening Ladies.... well today for a change I am right on track. We have spent the afternoon at Bribie Island and had a lovely time. Went strolling along the beach, watched the beautiful pelicans and then took the kids for a play in the park before having some yummy hot chicken chippies for afternoon tea. Didn't get home til after dark so have been a bit rushed but what fun! We hope to take our bikes back one day soon to go riding on the many bike tracks around the foreshore of the island!

Yesterday I was so lucky to be able to take my DD Nicayla to the Brisbane Scrapbooking and Craft Fair... we spent nearly 5 hours there and brought lots of goodies. Nicayla did two make and takes also making a beautiful flower brooch as well as a lovely card too. I have pictures on my FB site for anyone interested in looking.

But since it is Monday night I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here is my Beary Box submission for the week. Don't forget to jump on over to the Beary Box site and check out the other amazing lo's from my talented fellow designers. Ok must be off lots to organise for school tomorrow after a wonderful long weekend. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Card Sketch 28

Life seems to be flowing along so quickly at the moment. Here it is Saturday and I am only now just realising I haven't uploaded Thursday's Beary Box card. Sorry everyone for being so slack. I am trying to decide at the moment on whether or not to go to the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Convention that is on in Brisbane til Monday or not. I was hoping to go on Monday when the kids were at school but then realised it is actually a holiday here on Monday so no school! I am thinking about the whole family going in tomorrow morning and whilst I go to the fair Ken can take the kids to have a better look at the South Bank area of Brisbane. Then afterwards we could go to the Roma Street Parklands for the big free bbq and entertainment for the Q150 celebrations (our state Queensland is turning 150 years old this year!) No doubt I will tell you all about it if I do go.... in the meantime here is my submission for Beary Box's sketch 28. Thanks for stopping by everyone.... Have a great weekend. xo S

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Layout Sketch 28

OMG I so didn't realise I hadn't updated my blog until just now! Sorry everyone! Here is my submission to Beary Box for this weeks layout sketch. It is so good to be back in the swing of things! Today has mostly be uneventful but inbetween hw and trying to get our landcruiser outta a big bog hole down the paddock near the dam I have managed to get both this weeks and next weeks card submissions done for Beary Box and I have almost completed my last DT submission for Discover Scrapbooking! I am very excited to be going to my first RL crop is soooo long on Friday night! Hope everyone is doing good and getting lots of scrapbooking and card making done! This week I did another pic of Ken and me taken at Kings Park in Perth back in January 2008. Thanks for stopping by girls! Hugs xo S