Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketch 30

Hello Everyone

Sorry I wasn't able to post my Beary Box card last night. I have been having some problems with internet explorer so DH and I switched laptops so that he could have an investigate on mine and see if he could fix the problem. Well *touch wood* so far not problems today! WOO HOO! so it was worth it!! I have been so busy today. I have spent most of the day in the kitchen baking.... chocolate anzac slice paved the way last night and today so far we have freshly baked sausage rolls, peppermint slice and as I am out tonight scrapbooking at Discover I have made dinner for the clan - yummy spaghetti bolognaise! I just have the last batch of sausage rolls in the oven now and then I am off to do the school run and pack my tote for tonight. So before I love you and leave you best I post this weeks Beary Box card. You just have to pop over to the blog... the other girls so rocked this weeks sketch! I love them all... I am so biased lols I always do! Great working with you girls you are amazing! Have a great weekend all my friends. xo S