Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Gorgeous Girl

Today whilst we were out shopping at the Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre Ken and the kids got stopped by a new stall (I was at the local Riot Arts & Crafts). By the time I caught up my DD had half her hair done up in the most gorgeous "Shirley Temple" curls. All she has ever wanted was curly hair like me or her big brother Jordie .... so Ken and I had a hard time saying no when she asked if we would buy her this new curling iron! So home we came with a new pink curling iron. Guess what I will no doubt be doing in the morning ..... putting in some new curls. I so wished I had my camera to capture the pure joy and excitement on her face. Here she is at home tonight. The curls were a lot more messy by then as she just couldn't stop touching and feeling them...... but seriously isn't she just a living doll? yes I am biased! lols

Hugs xo Shirl


Kris said...

Yup you be right there Shirl, Nic is a gorgeous girl, and just totally loving those curls, they are fabulicious :) hehe lil girls and their wish for curls .... been there done all that Shirl lols xo Kris

Shirl said...

Thanks Kris... I have been staving it off. After dinner I am on a promise for school tomorrow I have to curl it again tonight! I need the practice that is for sure he he he! Have never curled hair in my life. Never needed to with mine. Might come along on Tuesday as Shirley bloody Temple... yes my Mum did name me after her!!! Hugs xo S

Danielle said...

What a beautiful girl Shirl - and look at her gorgeous hair!! I'm sure you'll be having lots of fun playing with those curling irons!
Hugs, Danielle

Shirl said...

Thanks so much Danielle. We are lucky she is indeed pretty. And I will be - had to do it (her hair) again tonight. Hugs xo S