Friday, July 24, 2009

Nicayla's New Layout

My very talented DD, Nicayla has been at it again and has created another scrapbooking lo and I wanted to share it with you all! This time she chose to do a lo on our furbaby Tom who we lost last year. She is gettting better and better with every lo isn't she? Yes I am openly biased! lols.

Thanks for looking ladies... I so hope you are all have a great start to another gorgeous weekend in paradise! Hugs Shirl


Danielle said...

What a great layout - and your kitty was adorable!! Nicayla is getting to be quite the amazing scrapbooker!! Yes, I'm biased too, lol!!!
Hugs, Danielle

Shirl said...

You are just too kind Danielle. She is getting good but. Better each time just like we all were when we started out! xo S