Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening

Well it has been a heartbreaking, gut wrenching week here in Queensland and whilst we are so blessed to be barely affected at all but the horrific floods all around us it is still hard to understand and even harder to comprehend the toll taken on so many of our fellow banana benders! The stories of unmentionable deaths, incredible rescues and of the everyday heroes abound in every form of media. It is humbling indeed but also an honour to be a Queenslander at the moment. We are a proud, strong race of people here in Australia. You knock us down and the very next day we stand side by side, tall and proud as we help each other out - it has been amazing to hear about and see all the volunteers turn out over the past few days to help everyday Aussies get their lives back on track. To donate money or a few old possessions seems to pale in comparison to what so many good people are able to do to help out.

Today we went up to Woodford to my SIL's house. She was very fortunate to have her home saved from the flood waters but she did suffer a huge loss as years of treasured memories and possessions washed away from under her two storey home last Tuesday. They were able to recover quite a few of the things that drifted or were swept away but some of course had to be thrown away and some will be saved. She had lots of damaged down to the house as well which will take time to repair but we are all so grateful that she escaped relatively unscathed.

To the people of Queensland still affected in any way but the floods our hearts go out to you and we keep you in our thoughts each day. To all our fellow Aussies in other states battling floods (in Victoria, New South Wales and Tassie too) we are thinking of you as well. Take care, stay safe and remember that no possession is worth losing your life over.

On a much lighter note I thought I would share a photo of the last layout I did going back to last week. I have one more to share but I can't do so until a friends DT lo has been uploaded as mine has loads of similarities as hers. Thanks for stopping by everyone and I truly hope no matter what you got up to that you have had a great weekend!

Big Hugs


Monday, January 10, 2011

Flood Devastation Jan 2011

OMG my friends I have been sitting here watching all evening the utter devastation that has unfolded in Queensland today. The poor residents of Toowoomba have had their lives changed forever when a huge wall of water swept through their town upturning cars, washing people and possessions away, flooding buildings & homes, destroying businesses and creating chaos everywhere! It is almost unimaginable the amount of damage done in such a short space of time. Then tonight we must also think of all the residents of Gympie to our north. They are hoping the Mary River will peak at 21m... hoping it doesn't go higher. At 21m all the main street of town will be lost - business will be up to their roof tops under water. So many people have given so selflessly over the past 24 hours to help as many businesses as possible get out as much stock and fixtures as they could before the flood waters took it all. My heart goes out to communities like Dalby, now under water yet again, Theodore just down the road from where we spent a year living in Moura.... a town completely lost. So so many other places too many to name still under water, start to clean up and rebuild, totally isolated with no way in or out of their town (perhaps for weeks to come), the places yet to flood still. Mother Nature has taken us to task, shown to us yet again the devastation and destruction she can prevail at any given time. As I sit in my comfy lounge chair, under my safe roof I can't help but feel so much despair for all those suffering. My hearts and thoughts go out to you all. To all my friends and family here and all over Queensland please, pretty please take care on the roads. Big hugs to you all xo Shirl

Work for the Working Man.........

Thought I best keep on sharing so here is another of the Bon Jovi lo's I did this past week. I was trying to recreate the images on the 400sqm screen behind the boys. In rl life it is much more striking that it appears here. Not sure I love it as much as I thought I would but that doesn't mean it isn't a nice lo none the less. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog!

Hugs xo Shirl

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'll Love You "Always"

Good Evening

Well I have been very busy over the past few days making a start on my pages for my album - Bon Jovi! I can't wait til it is all done and I can sit and proudly flip through the pages remembering two of the best weeks of 2010. My spur of the moment trip to Perth to go and see my beloved boys with my bestie's hubby Kim. And then finally getting to meet my on screen friends Caz (aka Sis) and Julz plus getting to go and see Bon Jovi for a second time in as many weeks with the girls. Now the hard decision which layout to share with you all first..... I think I will go with "Always". Thanks so Julz & Caz (sis in particular) for sharing your photo's with me. These photo's came from Caz' camera! It is a very simple lo but I wanted to highlight the photos! Here are the boys taking their final vows! Thanks for looking ladies xo S

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scrapbooking Again!

Well my friends I am going to try really hard to keep this blog more updated this year so I thought I would stop in and say HI! I have had a couple of good days where I have been able to spend some time at my craft desk so shortly I will share with you some of 2011's creations. I would like to thank my all time favourite musicians BON JOVI for helping me kick start the new year! So far I think I have done 4 or 5 single lo's either using my pics from their concerts and one lo of my gfs that went to their Brissy concert with me! Thanks Julz and Caz! So as soon as the weather lightens up a bit I will get these lo's photographed to share with you all.

In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays.... how many more weeks people? Seriously with all this rain my poor kids are so ready to go back to school it isn't funny! They are close to sick of the sight of each other and missing their friends too and it certainly don't help being cooped up inside all day long!

Thank goodness Jordie and Nic are back to their sporting commitments from today so that will give us something to do til school goes back.

Have a great weekend my friends!



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone

Well I am going to try and update my blog a little more often this year... that is my new year's resolution. Since moving to our current address and having to go wireless I just don't have the gig to do loads of uploading but I have to try and do a bit better than the meagre few posts I have made in the past six months. So to kick start of the 2011 I thought I would share with you an OTP project I just finished. It is the Kaisercraft Christmas Tree. I got the b&w inspiration from a tree I saw on a scrapbooking site (original scrapper unknown) and loved it so much I just had to give it a try so with a few added twists from ME - the purple bling and hand painted pink/purple glass beads. Hope you all like my creation and that is perhaps inspires others to get crafty real soon. Thanks for stopping by my friends and I hope you all have HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with much happiness! Hugs xo S