Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening

Well it has been a heartbreaking, gut wrenching week here in Queensland and whilst we are so blessed to be barely affected at all but the horrific floods all around us it is still hard to understand and even harder to comprehend the toll taken on so many of our fellow banana benders! The stories of unmentionable deaths, incredible rescues and of the everyday heroes abound in every form of media. It is humbling indeed but also an honour to be a Queenslander at the moment. We are a proud, strong race of people here in Australia. You knock us down and the very next day we stand side by side, tall and proud as we help each other out - it has been amazing to hear about and see all the volunteers turn out over the past few days to help everyday Aussies get their lives back on track. To donate money or a few old possessions seems to pale in comparison to what so many good people are able to do to help out.

Today we went up to Woodford to my SIL's house. She was very fortunate to have her home saved from the flood waters but she did suffer a huge loss as years of treasured memories and possessions washed away from under her two storey home last Tuesday. They were able to recover quite a few of the things that drifted or were swept away but some of course had to be thrown away and some will be saved. She had lots of damaged down to the house as well which will take time to repair but we are all so grateful that she escaped relatively unscathed.

To the people of Queensland still affected in any way but the floods our hearts go out to you and we keep you in our thoughts each day. To all our fellow Aussies in other states battling floods (in Victoria, New South Wales and Tassie too) we are thinking of you as well. Take care, stay safe and remember that no possession is worth losing your life over.

On a much lighter note I thought I would share a photo of the last layout I did going back to last week. I have one more to share but I can't do so until a friends DT lo has been uploaded as mine has loads of similarities as hers. Thanks for stopping by everyone and I truly hope no matter what you got up to that you have had a great weekend!

Big Hugs


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