Saturday, June 4, 2011

Card and A Half

My gorgeous and very talented friend Helen Jolly recently started up the Card and a Half blog. I have been a slack friend and have been meaning to promote her blog here but have been so busy the past three weeks (that my dh has been away) that I am only now just getting around to it. So if you have a male card to make and need a challenge... please head on over to Helen's Blog, Card and A Half and check out her latest card challenge and some of her pruddy cards! Thanks Helen... you rock! Will be trying to get some of your card challenges done sweetie, honest! Love ya Shirl


Helen Jolly said...

Thanks Shirls for posting here about the new Challenge blog hope you can join in some time xxx

Shirl said...

No worries Helen... happy to help a friend spread the love!! Big hugs xo S