Monday, October 31, 2011

Coach Cassie

Evening Friends As promised another layout from retreat! Been one of those days so I am bit late posting. We rushed down town for an 8am dentist appointment this morning only to find out that it had been cancelled (just as we arrived) as the dentist wasn't well! OMG waiting now on it being rescheduled! Then I had to pick up Niccy early to take her to the Dr's again. She only has an ear infection in one ear now so slowly we are improving! At long last - three weeks in and three separate lots of antibiotics! Not good. I did however managed to get another layout completed as well today thanks to the sparky finally coming to replace the damaged light fitting over my craft desk. The lovely man installed a new ring flouro and WOW at the beautiful crystal clear light I now have! I can wait to go and do some more crafting. But first.... another layout for you all to view! Have a great evening and to all those around the world celebrating Halloween - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Til tomorrow. Hugs xo Shirl

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