Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cowgirl Cassie!

Well I did say only one layout a day but I am sitting her watching my beloved Formula One, trying to be good and not yell encouragement at the big screen plasma in front of me (the kids keep telling me "Mum Jenson can't year you, you know?!?!") so I thought why not post another layout tonight. Once I get the kids off to bed I am going back to my craft desk - I managed to repair my big flouro desk lamp this afternoon to put the finishing touches on another layout. That will be two completed today! I am cheating but my friends and using the kits I put together for retreat! I think I must still have another 8 or so to do! Then I think I might when I have a little spare time here and there put together kits... really does work so well for later on! But enough talking here is the second of my layouts from retreat! This layout is of my dd Nicaya with her friend Kim & her coach Cassie at their recent rewards party at their gymnastics centre AGDA (Australasian Gymnastics and Dance Academy). Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday evening! Hugs Shirl

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