Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good Morning

Well after a slack day yesterday I guess I best post a few new layout today! So here we go!! The first layout is called Mini Me and is my beautiful dd wearing my wedding dress. I think she will outgrow it long before she gets the chance to wear it! But more and more people keep telling me she looks just like me!

This next layout is called a Moment In Time and is all about my wild, wacky & comedian middle ds. He is certainly never dull! Love you crazy kid! Don't change!

Lastly this one is simply called "OUCH". No more explanation needed. Poor Jordie coped something hard to the face last holidays and as a result had a tooth knocked out & his handsome face somewhat cut & bruised! And to think friends this was taken after we went to the Dr's a good half an hour later! He did look A LOT worse!

Have a great day and week my friends



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