Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project Life Newbie

Well I promise this will be my last post for today! Honest! I have been considering for a LONG TIME now looking into Becky Higgins Project Life style of scrapping for just a few albums. I decided just after Christmas to take the plunge! Why now you ask? Well as many of my friends know I recently, December 2013, had the pleasure of attending yet another Bon Jovi concert here in Brisbane. I am a HUGE Bon Jovi fan from day one. Again my bestie from Tasmania, the beautiful Caz flew up so we could go together! This time she brought her wonderful hubby Pete up as well. So the awesome foursome (Ken, myself, Pete and Caz) had a couple of wonderful days together and enjoyed a fantastic Bon Jovi concert as well. Last time in Dec 2010 I ended up with a great scrapbook and lots of let over photos! So this time around I thought I might try a hybrid album... one where I do Project Life but also incorporate a few special photos that I will scrap in the traditional sense of the word. Bonus this time around the Program is 12x12 so it too will fit neatly into a scrapping protector and go into the back of my album once complete.

So bearing in mind I am a total newbie I thought I would be brave and share my first couple of pages. There is a cover page and a two page spread so far. The two page spread I think I will still play around with a little more... maybe add another little photo in the middle 2x4" slot. But I am pretty happy with them so far!

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