Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Happy HAPPY Valentines Day... late yes of course I am.

I can't hardly believe how super busy I seem to have been these past couple of weeks. Between dance rehearsals, dance troop for my DD and soccer sign on, training, last few weeks of futsal summer comp, trial soccer games for the upcoming season, helping out with soccer sign on days, after school training for my middle DS, getting the eldest DS to and from work (we've had a lot of wet weather of late), DH being away for a few days with work (getting him to the airport, picking him up from the train) and my own life I have totally lost track of the WHOLE month of February I think! Whilst it has been super busy I have had some craft time and some great social outings as well so I am overall very blessed.

Whilst I haven't had much time to explore all the wonderful things my new Brother Scan and Cut can do I am loving how it is making life so easy when it comes to projects that need lots of hearts (like my last post below) or lots of hexagonals like my latest DT share which I can show you in a few days...

But today I wanted to share with you another heartfelt creation that I made for both my son (to give to his gf) and for my DH for Valentines Day. I made two cards both the same and two bouquests of edible flowers. My Scan and Cut got a workout cutting out flowers and hearts. I am so blessed to have gotten it as an early birthday pressie :)

Here are the two cards I made :

And the gift baskets to go with :

Please excuse the bad photography today. It was late by the time I got these projects finished and I had no choice but to take the photos in bad late afternoon light before hiding them away.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to call back soon for some more inspiration from the amazing Use Your Scraps DT

See you all soon and happy creating.



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